Housing and Public Buildings

T.R. Kazan Consulate General Building

The land allocated for the construction of the Cultural Center of the Kazan Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey is located in the Vahitova district of Kazan, across the Mustari and Gorkogo Avenues. The Consulate General building, the city architecture of the XIX. It was built on the site of the building called Pirh Evi, an old monument of the 19th century. The buildings were built in the 19th century, taking into account the dimensions in the facade paintings and all the details available in the old building. restructured in style.

High quality modern finishing materials for interior finishing, plastered on the outer surfaces of the facades; triple glazing is used in wooden windows. The load-bearing construction of the building is in the form of a monolith reinforced concrete skeleton with a flat beamless roof base.

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