Since 1979, Odak has been active in real estate development and investment, creating value for both the company and its tenants, thanks to its knowledge and experience in the construction sector and its developed business networks.

The company has invested in commercial projects in Istanbul and Izmir with its market knowledge and operational management skills gained through its contracting business.

The company identified opportunities by analyzing the supply-demand balance in the market, guided the design, and selected appropriate investment models. The projects were planned and developed in a way to optimize construction costs. The leasing and building management team working within the company, together with legal and environmental consultants, work within the framework of the most efficient building management principle.

Odak Group's aim is to maintain long-term business relationships with the right tenants and to develop projects that respond to the changing needs of tenants and the market by closely monitoring the sector. 

Through its experience, Odak has acquired the ability to add value to the projects in which it invests.


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