The point where many lines converge most evenly in space is called in Turkish 'ODAK'.

At the end of the 1970s, ODAK, where the company derives its name and its mission from the actual meaning of the word, today, besides domestic and international construction & contracting, international solid fuel trade and energy, domestic industry and coal distribution for heating purposes, industrial bag production, real estate development & management as well as retail and entertainment. In addition to being one of the pioneers of the sector especially in the import and distribution of solid fuels, the combination of these services provided within the scope of Iron & Steel, Cement, Energy and Housing Heating sectors have brougt ODAK Group the leader of the imported solid fuels sector throughout the country.

In addition to the numerous qualified structures completed in the construction industry throughout Turkey, the projects realized by ODAK, especially in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, are the most important structures of the city's silhouette. The Presidential Palace, City Opera and Ballet Palace, City Hall, Kul Sharif Mosque, City Sports Complex and Hippodrome are some of these pominent projects.

Today the easy access of information as well as the competition across the world, inevitably lead the companies to act and serve in a more efficient way with a better quality.

In fact, in order for the companies to raise the bar for success, being more efficient and providing a better quality are not sufficient, but the companies also need to serve as the pioneers in their own field to provide innovative solutions.

The main reason beneath the growth of ODAK is that company managers and all employees have adopted the principles of efficiency, quality and innovation and applied them in all their units.

ODAK is a mature company that has adapted to the conditions that are affected by the changes both in the country and in the globalizing world in the past years, and has managed to continue its development.

It will be the most important goal of ODAK in the coming years to ensure that this maturation does not turn into aging, and that it combines its dynamism with its increasing experience, as it has in its 44-year history, to further increase its effectiveness in business life.

ODAK has the economic and technological infrastructure to realize this with its qualified technical and administrative staff.

It is obvious that creating new job opportunities and employment by companies with healthy structures that can continue to develop in a peaceful world will benefit everyone.

For this reason, we will all work with a new excitement and enthusiasm every day.

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