Ataşehir, the most popular region on the Anatolian side of Istanbul in recent years, is Turkey's first financial center, close to existing transportation networks and located on the Kadıköy - Kartal Metro line, playing an important role in the development of the commercial potential in the region and becoming the center of attention of investors.

Material Technical Information:

Exterior Facade : Vertical and Horizontal Structural Silicone System Aluminum Curtain Wall.

Curtain wall system CE 50 cassette structural silicone system.

Facade cladding was made with aluminum composite panel in A2 non-flammable class.

Heating and Cooling Systems: VRF Air Conditioning System.

''OTIS'' There is a Brand Elevator. There are 3 Personal Elevators and 1 Freight (Emergency) Elevator.

0 backup generator is used.

Location: Icerenkoy - Atasehir - Istanbul
Start and End Date: 2010-2013
Close Area 25.600 sqm
Office Use Area: 15.000 sqm
Covered Parking Area: 10.600 sqm
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