Housing and Public Buildings

Metro station

The scheme of the Kazan city metro consists of 3 lines and its length is approximately 46 km. Tukay Square station is one of the five stations in the start area, scheduled to open in 2005.

For the decorative solution of the station, named after Gabdulla Tukay, a classic of Tatar literature, stylized details specific to traditional Islamic architecture were used.

The ceiling, caissons and beams of the vestibules were polished and painted white with "Tex-Star malerweiss" paint according to the manufacturer's technology. The floors consist of polished Mansurovskiy, Staro-Babanskiy and Gabbro granite.

All the construction and assembly works of Gabdulla Tukay station, finishing works and all the technical equipment of the metro station were carried out by Odak İnşaat.

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