Housing and Public Buildings

Private Ayazağa Işık High School

In this project, Odak completed the earthquake support and floor addition works for the kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, high school buildings and the entire Kozyatağı Güneş campus on the campus used by Fevziye Mektepleri Vakfı Işık High School, which is one of the well-established educational institutions of the country.

Ayazağa campus, which is the largest campus of Işık Schools, has a total closed area of ​​45,000 m⊃2;, built on an open area of ​​36.000 m⊃2;.

Ayazağa Işık Kindergarten, Ayazağa Işık Primary School, Ayazağa Işık High School and Işık University provide education on the campus, which started education in 1985.

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