Housing and Public Buildings


The Administration of the Supreme Court of the Tatarstan Republic and the Judicial Department of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation has a total area of ​​0.615 hectares and is located within the boundaries of residential and administrative buildings being built in the center of the city of Kazan. The architectural volume is divided into eight parts with floor numbers from 2 to 8 of each block.

There are 2 underground floors; The building is divided into 8 blocks with dilatation joints due to the basement and basement, composite shape and variable number of floors. A monolith reinforced concrete wall foundation was designed under the whole structure.

Monolith reinforced concrete was used in the cage construction of the above-ground floors. The interior and exterior walls of underground garages are made of monolith reinforced concrete, providing durability to the building construction.

Start and End Date :2002 - 2009

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