ODAK, one of the pioneers and most important actors in the field started its solid fuel activities at the Ceyhan İskenderun coal terminal in 1990. In the following years, similar terminals were established in Dilovası Kocaeli, Aliağa İzmir, and Gemlik Bursa, serving solid fuel users throughout Turkey.

Terminal operations include classification, processing, blending, and packaging. The terminals handle various solid fuels such as thermal coal and segregated coal, metallurgical coke, petroleum coke, and hard coal. Having gained a worldwide reputation and experience in the Coal and Energy sector, Odak Group imports from various sources such as South Africa, the USA, and Europe.

The Group also acts as the Turkish agent of Xcoal Energy & Resources, one of the largest coal exporters in the USA. Xcoal supplies part of the coke needs of Turkish integrated steel mills from the USA and Australia.

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