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Megamag Shopping Center

As 2007 marks the 450th anniversary of the founding of the city of Ufa, the increased construction activity throughout the city is immediately noticeable. Especially in the city of Ufa, which ranks 2nd in terms of income distribution in Russia, the construction of residential and commercial complexes has been emphasized.

In this period when the value of all kinds of land and buildings in and around the city center has increased 3-4 times, Megamag Ufa Multifunctional Trade Complex is being realized as the first stage of the prestige center project that will affect the city silhouette and layout.

2 customer entrances lead to the main atrium, 24x24 m wide, and 25 m high, located at the central point of Megamag, terminating in a vault-shaped glass skylight on the roof. In addition, when guests enter the building from the 3rd entrance point at level 5.80, they are greeted by a 19 m high gallery terminating in a glass roof lantern and meeting the main atrium in the center.

These large and bright openings allow customers to make the most of natural light during the day. Megamag is also a convenient center in that the shopping and circulation areas are planned to be easily accessible and visible from all points, and there is ample parking space for customers to come and take care of their needs without being exposed to the effects of the weather.

The building is designed to be sensitive to human scale and environmental data, so as not to interfere with or interrupt the needs of the surrounding residential quarter. With its proximity to the city center and main arteries, as well as its location within a residential quarter, Megamag is sure to become the new focal point of the city of Ufa.

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