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Agora Adapazari Shopping Center

Adapazarı and its surroundings have been an important agricultural and commercial center throughout its history with its developed agriculture and market.

The name "Island" is given because it resembles an island in appearance built in the region between the Sakarya River and the Çark Stream, which are said to have once flowed together. Adapazarı, which is the center of Sakarya, takes this name when the people's saying "We are going to the bazaar of the island" turns into "Adapazarı" after a while due to the districts such as Papuçcular, Semerciler, Tığcılar, Çıracılar, Hasırcılar, Uzun Çarşı, Aynalıkavak Bazaar, Pirinç Pazarı, Soğan Pazarı, Kömür Pazarı in the developing settlement.

With its 4.823-kilometer square surface area, rapid development, and growth, Sakarya is one of the most dynamic cities in Turkey and the 4th largest city in the Marmara Region after Istanbul, Bursa, and Kocaeli with a total population of more than 1.000.000.

Sakarya, one of the fastest industrializing cities of recent years, has experienced great developments, especially in the automotive, textile, and food sectors. Rapid growth is expected in these sectors in the coming years. The fact that Turkish and global automotive giants such as Toyota, Otoyol, Otokar, and Tırsan make their investments in this province ensures the rapid growth of automotive sub-industry manufacturers. In addition to these companies, the production facilities of many companies among Turkey's top 500 companies are located in Sakarya, and these developments have led to an increase in Sakarya's educated, young, and dynamic population with high purchasing power.

Adapazarı is characterized by its easy access to Ankara, Istanbul, and Izmir. In particular, the high-speed train project will improve transport links. The Black Sea coastal road project also facilitates transportation between regions.

The presence of Sakarya University in the region will raise the educational level of 74,000 students and increase consumer spending potential.

Spending trends toward rural tourism are observed in the Sakarya region. In addition, health tourism is also seen with the presence of Kuzuluk and Taraklı hot springs. Sapanca Lake and Acarlar floodplain are areas that attract visitors to the region.

Odak Group has invested in the Agora Adapazarı project by combining over 40 years of construction experience with over 20 years of shopping center development and management information.

Location: Adapazari - Sakarya
Start and End Date: 2013-2015
Construction Area: 65.000 sqm
Rentable Area: 31.000 sqm
Park Area 12.000 sqm
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