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Koltso Shopping Center

The square, known to the locals as Koltso, was designed in 1768 by the provincial architect Vasiliy Kaftirev. The shape of the square is a quadrangle with a 45-degree angle. During the construction of the Koltso Shopping and Entertainment Complex, great attention was paid to the architectural and artistic elements, as well as to the facade and landscaping to preserve the square. The contemporary architectural design of the Koltso Shopping and Entertainment Complex has given the city center a unique and special look. The uniqueness of the architectural decisions has ensured that the building fits perfectly into the urban structure. The marketing policy of Koltso Trade and Entertainment Complex is customer-oriented, with brands chosen according to customer needs. With a sales area of 23,000 square meters, the center offers 120 different brands, including some that have not previously been present in Kazan.

The total facade area of the building is 10,000 sqm and the area covered with glass is 250 sqm. The central facade is decorated with the architectural composition of a 22-meter diameter "golden" ring, which is connected to two supports at an angle of 20 degrees. The total weight of the construction is 20 tons. The entire complex is equipped with dynamic lighting with 3,000 light bulbs. Architectural lighting was installed around the entire perimeter of the building, and decorative bridges and cascading fountains were built at the central entrance.

Special attention has been paid to the building's landscaping. The perimeter areas, amounting to approximately 9,000 sqm, and the walking terraces on the 2nd and 3rd floors, which open onto the unique view of the city center, are paved with granite. Special technology was used to assemble the 40-ton glass dome that adorns the building's atrium. Made up of 192 glass segments, the 18-meter diameter dome was installed and fixed directly onto the roof of the building. More than 70 Russian and foreign construction companies were involved in the construction of the project, of which Odak İnşaat was the main contractor, and the construction was completed with a staff of 1000 people working every day.

Location: Kazan - Russia
Start and End Date: 2004-2006
Construction Area: 46.800 sqm

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