Shopping Centers

Behetle Shopping Center

The main entrance to the Behetle shopping mall is located across Yamashev - Amirkhan street. Inside the building there are escalators, panoramic elevators, fire escapes and elevators. On the 2nd and 3rd floors there is a gallery with restaurants and shops.

The principle of utilizing sunlight lies in the arrangement of the stores and showcases that make up the interior of the building. The glass parts of the facades are minimized.

The interior decoration envisages the use of the latest materials and technology. The planning norms and environmental conditions of the building require monolithic reinforced concrete construction. The loading of the side walls of the building is solved by means of stairs, elevator shafts and columns.

The foundation of the building - monolithic reinforced concrete, roofs - iron construction. The exterior walls are covered with 15 cm heat insulated glass.

Location: Kazan - Russia

Start and End Date: 2003-2004
Construction Area: 21.400 sqm
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