Our yarn line, which is produced in Western Europe, produces 300 tons of yarn per month. This production equals approximately 60.000.000 m2; of fabric per year. Our company produces high quality polypropylene sacks, Big Bags (FIBC's), slings and bagged slings.


The fiber produced in the spinning line is turned into sack and Big Bag fabric in weaving machines. The circular fabrics produced are between 50 gr/mand 220 gr/m2 in weight and 30cm to 160cm in diameter.


Bamak produces 5.000.000 sacks per month. Sack widths range from 30 cm to 160 cm and weights from 50 g/m2; to 220 g/m2. Sacks are cut and sewn on automatic machines. In this way, problem-free production is achieved in cutting and sewing.


 Bamak's printing department can print in various colors and on both sides of the sack. Thanks to roll-to-roll printing, the results are very good in terms of both visual quality and durability.


In order to provide better protection of the packaged products against dust and moisture, lamination is applied on the P.P. fabric on both sides. Lamination can be done as single-sided or double-sided if desired. Lamination can be done up to a maximum of 150cm.

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