Social and Sports Facilities


The Hippodrome main building project, built on the site of the former airport of Kazan City, consists of two buildings. The first is the Indoor Grandstand building with a floor area of 5,541 sqm and the second is the Outdoor Grandstand building with a floor area of 2,064 sqm.

The Indoor Grandstand building, located on the main entrance axis of the facility, has a seating capacity of 5,923 people with VIP boxes, a restaurant, and a grandstand layout.

The grandstand has a seating capacity of 3,271. The entrance hall consists of 1,800 sqm of indoor area. In addition, there is a museum with an area of 300 sqm, 2 shops, 2 café-bars and security-system rooms on the entrance floor of the covered stand. The seating capacity of the outdoor tribune is 2084 people. The total seating capacity of the two buildings is 5,923.

Apart from this, the open area viewing capacity is 6,000 people. Construction area: Indoor tribune: 17.360 sqm, Outdoor grandstand: 4.476 sqm Total: 21.836 sqm

Location: Kazan - Russia
Start and End Date: 2004-2005
Construction Area: 21.836 sqm
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