Social and Sports Facilities

Basket Hall

BASKET HALL Sports Center, planned for team sports games, athletics and gymnastics competitions and training; The availability of two large-capacity halls determined the three-dimensional solution of the sports center. The octagonal main block plan includes a 7,482-seat grandstand for the organization of sports competitions. The capacity of the large arena can be increased up to 8,000 spectators during concerts.

The main block and the auxiliary block are connected by a four-level passage, with a 500-seat training hall on the second floor. The sports games center is made of monolithic reinforced concrete construction within the confines of the enclosed volume. During the construction of the BASKET HALL, 11,000 tons of concrete and 2,500 tons of armatures were used. The construction of the structural slab of the main block was developed and prepared by Odak İnşaat.

The size of the metal structure in the form of a space truss is 96 x 68 meters and its weight is 450 tons.

With the successful completion of this construction by ODAK, a sports hall equipped with the most modern techniques that can serve all kinds of sporting purposes has been brought to Kazan.

Location: Kazan - Russia
Start and End Date: 2001-2003
Construction Area: 23.985 sqm
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