Social and Sports Facilities

Akbars Youth Site Indoor Swimming Pool

The building of former youth center was built in the late 1970s according to the designs of architect M.G. Hayrullin and engineer E.T. Serebryakov. The main ten-story building housed a school and a hotel, and the two-story side buildings housed a restaurant and cultural and sports centers. At the end of the 80s, the building was transferred to Akbars Bank. As a result of the reconstruction of the building, the city of Kazan received a new and modern center for children and youth.

The center has a modern semi-Olympic 25 sqm swimming pool for water sports preparation and a concert hall with visual and acoustic equipment. After the reconstruction of the building, Akbars Bank operates in the main building and the annex located in the right wing. Akbars bank is the leading financial institution of the Republic of Tatarstan and one of the 30 largest banks in Russia.

Location: Kazan - Russia
Start and End Date: 2000-2001
Construction Area: 4.000 sqm
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