In today's world, as a result of respect for human rights and labor rights, loads of 50 kg. and over are transported with Big Bags. A single load of 1,500 kg. can be transported with a 2-3 kg. Big Bag. This eliminates the need for a large number of sacks and wooden pallets weighing 20-30 kg in total and the need for stretch film used to cover the pallets. Using Big Bags is an environmentally friendly solution due to the low transportation cost and the recyclability of the Big Bags.

Big Bags produced in different types and sizes in accordance with EFIBCA norms and ISO standards can carry loads between 500 kg. and 2.000 kg.

Produced Big Bags:
- Laminated fabric with sealing seams
- P.E. inner lining
- Shaped P.E. inner lining
- Glued P.E. inner lining
- Rectangular shaped
- Suitable for asbestos applications
- UN certified, suitable for transporting dangerous goods
- Cubic shaped to prevent volume loss
- Type B antistatic
- Can be used multiple times.

Big Bag Types



Big Bag Options

Top options

Filling Pipe 
Skirt – Apron 
4 Piece Cover 



Flat Base 
Discharge Tube 
Hooded Closure 
Star Closure 
Fully Opening Base 


P.E. Primer Options

Gusseted P.Lining 
Standard Primer 
Bottle Type P.E.Primer 
Adhesive Lining 
Q Type P.E. İnner Lining 
Fastened with Tape 
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