Special Buildings

Musa Celil Tatar Academic Opera And Ballet Theater

The Musa Celil Tatar Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, built in 1851, is one of the unique architectural monuments of the Republic of Tatarstan. The architecture and decoration of the building were realized according to the principle of Tatar national classicism. All reconstruction, restoration, and modernization work on the theater building, which has never been repaired before, were carried out by Odak Construction.

As a result of two years of work, the total area of the monument was increased from 11,000 sqm to 17,700 sqm A rehearsal hall, decoration room, and assembly department were built, the number of make-up rooms was increased and the Mansard floor was added. Odak Construction installed the new stage equipment and electric sound systems. The management and supervision of the stage equipment is carried out by a single center with the help of a computerized system.

Location: Kazan - Russia
Start and End Date: 2003-2005
Construction Area: 17.700 sqm
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