Hotel and Tourism Facilities

Grand Kazan Hotel

The Grand Kazan Hotel, which is being built in connection with the "Koltso" Trade and Entertainment Center, is located in the center of the city of Kazan with its maximum facade design and landscaping and views of the Volga River and the entire city.

Opened in December 2008, the 19-story hotel is one of the most spectacular buildings in the city with a height of 77 meters, a total area of 44,000 m2, and modern architecture.

The hotel is easily accessible from all parts of the city. It is also connected to the metro line and has a parking garage for 500 cars and a helipad. The floors of the multi-level parking garage are directly connected to the Koltso Trade and Entertainment Center.

With 206 rooms, suites and VIP rooms, a fitness center, restaurants and bars, a meeting center, and conference hall for 250 people, Grand Kazan Hotel is a candidate to be one of the most important accommodation and meeting centers in the region.

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