Odak İnşaat aims to protect the natural environment while carrying out its production activities at the highest quality level. In this context, we are committed to implementing the following principles regarding the environment, which we believe should be protected in the best way for future generations in all our activities:

  • Preventing air, water and soil pollution within the understanding of continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System

  • Complying with the legal legislation in force regarding the environment, administrative regulations and rules that are subject to spontaneously
  • Ensuring that design activities are carried out in a way that minimizes environmental impacts during project implementation phases

  • Not engaging in production activities that may have significant and adverse impacts on the environment when conditions cannot be intervened

  • Using environmentally friendly inputs in our operations within the framework of engineering principles

  • Paying due attention to the most efficient use of natural resources within the scope of production activities, and in this context, to resource conservation and recycling.

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