Odak İnşaat attaches special importance to the protection of the environment within the scope of its projects. All necessary studies are carried out in order to protect natural resources, to minimize the negative effects on the environment and to take the necessary measures to achieve this.

For this purpose, all applicable laws and regulations regarding the subject are fully complied with. In addition, both local and international conditions regarding occupational health and safety are meticulously ensured at every stage of the construction works. Working in compliance with project-specific and general environmental protection and occupational safety requirements for each project is the key to the high service quality offered by Odak İnşaat.

In this direction, it continuously organizes trainings for its employees in order to adapt to the changing requirements in the fields of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

Odak İnşaat has ISO 9001:2008 Quality, OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety, and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management certificates.

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