Boyner, Turkey's leading brand chain, operates a store in Agora Antalya Shopping Mall.

Boyner offers its customers a wide range of domestic and foreign branded products in different categories ranging from women's, men's, children's, infant, youth active sportswear to shoes and accessories, cosmetics and home decoration products. Also, Boyner brings together world fashion brands with its customers through its own exclusive brands such as Fabrika, Black on Black, Aeropostale, National Geographic, Limon Company, Mammaramma, Barbie, Funky Rocks, Limon Company Kids, Aeropostale Kids and National Geographic Kids in the categories of women, men, children, and young active sportswear and shoes. Boyner Stores provide services to ensure their customers have a pleasant shopping experience by offering high-quality millions of products in the correct season, brand collaborations, visual presentations, service, and excellent shopping arrangements in all lifestyle categories.

Starting a comprehensive transformation process in 2015 with the vision of being Turkey's most beloved and preferred shopping brand, Boyner implements many innovations, from product and brand diversity to customer experience, from supply processes to sales channels.

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