Agora Entertainment Centers, where children and young people can have fun with their families, have been serving in Izmir, Antalya and Sakarya since 2008 to have a pleasant time with dozens of game options.

The Entertainment Centers located in Agora Shopping Centers are the meeting point for children with their rich playgrounds.

Soft Play, game machines, virtual reality, carousel, etc. offer unlimited fun with dozens of rich game options as well as birthday party areas and cafes.

Izmir Agora Entertainment Center:

Inauguration: 2008 Area: 560 sqm Number of Toys: 99

Adapazarı Agora Entertainment Center:

Opening: 2015 Area: 1,220 sqm Number of Toys: 96

Antalya Agora Entertainment Center:

Opening: 2017 Area: 1,500 sqm Number of Toys: 89

Izmir Agora Entertainment Center

Adapazarı Agora Entertainment Center

Antalya Agora Entertainment Center

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