Agora Adapazarı Shopping Center was opened on May 28, 2015 under the Odak Group after Izmir.

With its 4,895 square kilometers of surface area, rapid development and growth, Sakarya is one of the most dynamic cities in Turkey and the 5th largest city in the Marmara Region after Istanbul, Balıkesir, Bursa and Kocaeli with a total population of over 1 million. In 2021, it won the title of bicycle city with the award it received in Denmark.

Sakarya, one of the fastest industrializing cities of recent years, has experienced great developments especially in the automotive, textile and food sectors. A rapid growth is expected in these sectors in the coming years. The fact that Turkish and world automotive giants such as Toyota, Otoyol, Otokar and Tırsan make their investments in this province ensures the rapid growth of automotive sub-industry manufacturers. In addition to these companies, the production facilities of many companies among Turkey's 500 largest companies are located in Sakarya, and these developments lead to an increase in the educated, young and dynamic population with high purchasing power in Sakarya.

With more than 100 stores, Agora Adapazarı Shopping Center has become the address of firsts in Sakarya with its cafe, bistro, gourmet delicacies, famous brands and themed entertainment center. Agora Adapazarı Shopping Mall Agora Cinemas, with its 8 movie theaters of 2,500 square meters and a seating capacity of 1,116 people, is the new stop for the first movies released in theaters.

With 98 product groups, Agora Entertainment Center, located in a 1,770 m2 indoor area, offers everyone who feels like a child the opportunity to have fun and spend quality time. The 165 square meter Soft Play playgrounds, which comply with international quality standards and are based on 0 child safety, provide children between the ages of 3-12 with fun-filled moments.

With its 12,000 square meters of indoor & outdoor parking area and Electric Vehicle Station, it offers its guests a comfortable shopping opportunity.

Address: Eski Kazımpaşa Cad. Arabacıalanı Mah. No:10 Serdivan / SAKARYA

Telephone: 0264 333 20 20

Project Website:

Opening Year
Rentable Area
31.000 sqm
Number of Stores

Parking Lot Capacity

Number of Visitors
6.00.000 (2019)
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