About the Group

About the Group

The intersection, where numerous straight lines in the space converge in the most balanced way possible is called “Focus”.

Derived from this meaning, the name and the mission of the company were determined in the late 1970's, when the foundation of ODAK was established.

Currently, besides domestic and international building contracting activities, it is also effectively active in the field of international solid fuel trade, industrial and heating purpose inland coal distribution, industrial bag production, cosmetics production and developing and managing shopping and amusement centers.

Beyond being one of the leading companies of the sector in the field of solid fuel importation and distribution, total of the services provided in the scope of Iron and Steel, Cement, Energy and domestic heating sectors in particular, carried ODAK Group to the leader position of the sector of imported solid fuels throughout the country.

In addition to many quality buildings completed in the construction sector across the country, especially the projects carried out by ODAK in Russia and Kazan, the capital of the Tatarstan Republic are the most important buildings of the skyline of the city. The prominent ones are the followings:
Presidential Palace, City Opera and Ballet House, City Hall, Kul Sharif Mosque, City Sport Complex and Hippodrome.

Today, when access to information is easier, competition conditions increasingly require firms to be in possession of productivity and superior quality each passing day.

It is not adequate for companies to grow continuously, but need to pioneer many innovations in their sectors. The most important reason of the development of ODAK is that all the firm managers and employees have adopted the productivity, quality and innovation principles and have applied them in all units.

ODAK, has adapted to the evolution of its surrounding, resulting from the advancement of Turkish economy as well as the chages in the globalizing world: achieved to continue its development and reached a mature stage.

The most critical target for ODAK for the future is ensuring that the maturation does not lead to aging, but increasing its effectiveness in the business, by combining its dynamism with its increasing experience and know-how, from more than 30 years background.

ODAK is in possession of economical and technological infrastructure to realize this with the qualified technical and administrative staff trained in its structure. It is obvious that the companies that are able to continue their development with strong and healthy structures, will create new job opportunities thus providing benefit to the society.

Therefore, we will work with enthusiasm each new day.
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