Shopping Center Management

Shopping Center Management

Agora Shopping Center, which was opened on 14 March 2003, takes its name from the word “AGORA” which means market, trading place in the ancient times. Agora has focused on customer satisfaction and quality service since 2003 and became the name of a dynamic and innovative concept of fashion and entertainment in Izmir area. Embodying national and international brands, Agora has become the largest shopping center in Izmir, offering a good time for everyone all throughout the day with shopping, movie theaters and entertainment center alternatives.

Growing with the demands of customers and investor brands, on 10 September 2008 Agora increased the number of stores from 85 to 178, total store area from 13,210 sqm to 28,342 sqm, total closed area from 41,000 sqm to 89,000 sqm and total indoor parking capacity to 1355 vehicles.

Agora shopping center offers so many alternatives in clothing, accessories, cosmetics, household textiles, music-books, electronics, service, department stores, movie theaters, hobby, toys and entertainment sectors. With the new building, the number of restaurants offering palate from various alternatives of international cuisines has increased. After the expansion, the number and variety of international cuisines have increased, with open-air restaurants that welcome guests after 22:00 hours.

Agora has pioneered the development of Balçova town and stimulated other shopping center investments in the area, led to an increase in real estate prices, and provided employment opportunities and qualified personnel to the sector.

The front facade of Agora Shopping Center overlooks the Mithatpasa Street, one of the busiest routes of Izmir, and the back facade overlooks the Cesme and Izmir highway and the Gulf of Izmir.

Agora`s team also manages the family entertainment center, cinemas, and two restaurants Kitchenette and SPR Pub within the center. The customer-focused and quality-oriented management approach is prevalent in these areas.

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