Solid Fuels

Solid Fuels

ODAK being one of the pioneers and most important players of the field, commenced its solid fuel related activities on 1990 at the coal terminal of TOROS port of Ceyhan/Iskenderun. During the following years, similar terminals had been erected at Dilovasi/Gebze/Kocaeli, Nemrutbay/Izmir and Gemlik/Bursa.via these terminals, solid fuel end users of the entire Turkey excluding Blacksea areas can be reached.

Terminal operations include classification, enrichment, blending and packing processes. Various solid fuels like Steam and Sized coals, Metallurgical coke, Petroleum coke and Antracite are all handled in the Terminals.

Odak group which acquires a global reputation and experience in Coal and Energy markets, effects its imports from various sources like South Africa, Russia, China, USA and Australia.

Odak Group’s Chinese Coal imports are done from the selected mines of well known Datong region. The coal cargos are loaded from the port of Xingang at which the sized coals are reclassified, blended and impurities are hand selected.

All these operations are being handled by a wholly owned Chinese subsidiary of Odak “Chinergy”.

Odak Group also represents Alpha Natural Resources of USA which is one of the largest USA coal mining and export companies. Alpha Natural Resources supplies a major portion of the Turkish Integrated Steel Mill’s USA originated coking coal demands.

As of 2008, Odak, with its 2.5 million tons of total solid fuel activities has reached a market share of about 15 pct of the entire Turkish market.