Agora Adapazari Entertainment and Shopping Complex

Agora Adapazari Entertainment and Shopping Complex

Adapazari and its vicinity has been an important agriculture and commerce center throughout history.

The name "Ada" or "Island" is derived from the fact that Adapazari was founded in a region that was in the middle of Sakarya River and Cark River and resembled an island. Adapazari, also can be translated into "Island-Market" which is the center of Sakarya and market areas such as, Semerciler, Tigcilar, Ciracilar, Hasircilar, Uzun Carsi, Aynalikavak Carsisi, Pirinc Pazari, Sogan Pazari, Komur Pazari are referred to by citizens "We are going to the Market of the Island". In time, the expression has evolved to be so-called "Adapazari".

Sakarya, with an area of 4848km2, is one of the most dynamic cities of Turkey and its population of 900,000 makes it the fourth largest city in Marmara region after Istanbul, Bursa, and Kocaeli.

Sakarya has a significantly developed industry especially in automotive, textiles and food-processing sectors. Further growth is estimated in these industries, going forward. Institutions such as Toyota, Otoyol, Otokar and Tirsan, that are prominent players in automotive industry in Turkey and in the world, are investing in the area which is also stimulating sub-industries of auto industry. In addition to these investments, several companies from the top 500 establishments of Turkey have production facilities in Sakarya, leading to a formation of educated, young, dynamic population with high purchasing power.

Adapazari is easily accessible from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Especially, with the establishment of the fast-train project, transportation opportunities will increase. Additionally, Blacksea Coast Highway will contribute to the easy access to the area.

Sakarya University acts as a host to 74,000 students who are rational customers as educated individuals of the area.

Sakarya region is also known for its rural tourism potential that stimulates relate purchases. Furthermore, Kuzuluk and Tarakli hot springs attract health tourism to the area. Sapanca Lake and Acarlar Swamp are areas of further attraction to tourists.

Odak Group, combining its experience of 35 years in construction and experience of more than 10 years in Shopping Center development and know-how in management, is developing Agora Adapazari project.

Agora, will extend its cooperation with innovative and experienced retail partners from Izmir to Adapazari. Agora Adapazari is devoted to meet the demands and wishes of Adapazari customers with its unique shop-mix and management.

Location: Adapazari
Construction Area: 65,000 sqm
Gross Leasable Area: 31,000 sqm
Parking Area: 12,000 sqm