Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development

Since 1979, Odak has developed in-depth market knowledge and an extensive network of relationships that enable the company to identify opportunities for development and create value for its tenants.

The market knowledge and operational experience acquired from its construction background, has led the company to invest and develop commercial buildings in Istanbul and Izmir. 

The development team of Odak, renders analysis of the supply and demand dynamics, identifies the gap in the market, selects the investment type and shapes the design process. The projects are planned and developed to minimize building expenses and potential operating cost savings.  The company has a team of in-house leasing and property management professionals that work in cooperation with legal counsel and environmental consultants.

Odak`s objective has been to establish long-lasting relationships with tenants of the highest caliber and understanding the local markets rather than relying on a third-party perspective and reacting to the needs of the evolving market and the prospective tenants. 

Odak`s experience provides the capability to create value in the properties that it owns and evaluates for potential new investments.