Tape Line:

Bamak has a state of the art tap eline made in Western European, which can process 300 tons of polypropylene per month and produce 60.000.000 m² of fabric per year. The company produces high quality polypropylene sacks, Big Bags (FIBC's), sling and sling bags.

Circular Weaving:

P.P.tapes are used in the production of sacks and Big Bag fabric. Circular woven fabric is produced between 50 gr/m² and 220 gr/m² in weight and between 30cm and 160cm in diameter.

Sack Production:

Bamak produces 5.000.000 P.P. sacks per month ranging from 30 cm. to 160 cm. in widht and from 50 gr/m² to 220 gr/m² in weight . The sacks are cut and sewn in automatic  machines so that deviations in sizes and stitching problems are totally eliminated.


The printing division of Bamak can implement printing in various colors and on both sides of the sacks. Making the printing from roll to roll significantly increases the dubrability and visual quality of the print.


The packaged product can be protected against dust and humidity by laminated bags. The lamination line can produce single or double side coating (lamination) up to 150 cm. in width.