Agora Antalya Entertainment and Shopping Complex

Agora Antalya Entertainment and Shopping Complex

Antalya has been the most prominent tourism center in Turkey, with its history originating from 2nd century BC, famous beaches, avenues surrounded by palm and orange trees, entertainment areas and internationally-awarded marina.

The motto of the city "Spring for 3 seasons, Summer for 1 season" underlines the sustainable tourism potential all year round. During the high season, over 60,000 tourists arrive only by airlines. 

The coastline of 630 km is rich with antique cities, antique ports, mausoleums, bays, beaches, green forests and rivers for extreme sports, all of which are in a harmony of sea, sun, history and nature. 

In 2015, the number of tourists estimated to arrive in Antalya is 15 million. During the last 5 years, ministry-permitted tourism facilities have increased from 350,000 to 390,000, while municipality-permitted facilities have increased from 87,000 to 105,000.

Antalya has also excelled in conference tourism, which has diminished the effects of seasonality in tourism, enabling the visitor numbers to be homogeneous throughout the year.

33% of the tourists arriving in Turkey prefer Antalya, raising the tourist capacity by 45% since 2007.  The subway system that will ease the transportation in Antalya is planned to be 45 km long and will be developed in 3 stages.

Antalya also generates traffic due to its greenhouses and citrus agriculture.

The tourism potential of the city provides opportunities for shopping center development and retail expenditures. The ever-changing shopping attitudes, population and purchase power increase have stimulated further investments in the city.

Odak Group, combining its experience of 35 years in construction and experience of more than 10 years in Shopping Center development and know-how in management, is developing Agora Antalya project.

Agora will extend its cooperation with innovative and experienced retail partners from Izmir to Antalya. Agora Antalya is devoted to meet the demands and wishes of Antalya customers with its unique shop-mix and management.

Location: Kepez, Antalya
Construction Area:       235,000 sqm
Gross Leasable Area: 75,000 sqm
Parking Capacity: 2,340 vehicles